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1/2 HP Stainless Steel Sewage Pump/Basin Kit (18" x 30")
**NEW** MODEL: MLP73080
  • Includes MLP73782 or MLP73782-25 Pump and Basin
  • Pump Features:
        120 Volt AC (12 amps)
        Stainless Steel Housing with Cast Iron Base
        Vertical Float Switch
        2" NPT Discharge
        Handles 2" Solids
        Stainless Steel Vortex Impeller
        Stainless Steel Fasteners
        MLP73080 Has 15' Power Cord
        MLP73080-25 Has 25' Power Cord
  • Basin Features:
        Structural Foam Construction
        30 Gallon (113.5 L) Capacity, 18" x 30"
        4" Inlet with Snap-In Hub
        2" NPT Discharge & Vent
        Premium Structural Foam Cover with 8 Bolt Configuration
        Air Tight, Molded, Reusable PVC Seal
        Pre-plumbed with 2" PVC - 30" Length
    Model NumberDescription
    MLP730801/2 HP Stainless Steel Sewage Pump/Basin Kit (18 x 30)

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