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Push Connect Brass FIP Adapters
  • Connects Copper, PEX Tubing and CPVC
  • Includes Tube Stiffener for PEX Connection
  • Fluids, Inert Gases, Water and Air
  • Removeable and Reusable
  • NOTE: Add -S to Model Number for Inserted Stiffener
  • Compliance:
        Meets ASSE 1061/NSF61, IPC & cUPC standards
        *≤ .25% Pb
    Model NumberDescriptionSize
    MLU069LFPush Connect Brass FIP Adapters3/8
    MLU072LFPush Connect Brass FIP Adapters1/2
    MLU088LFPush Connect Brass FIP Adapters3/4
    MLU094LFPush Connect Brass FIP Adapters1
    ML113532FLFPush Connect Brass FIP Adapters11/4
    ML114140FLFPush Connect Brass FIP Adapters11/2
    ML115450FLFPush Connect Brass FIP Adapters2

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