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3/8" Brass Pipe Nipples
  • Threaded on both ends
  • Ends are cut square to the central axis
  • All burrs on the inside are removed
    Model NumberDescriptionSize
    09221102003/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8XCLOSE
    09221104083/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X11/2
    09221106063/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X2
    09221108043/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X21/2
    09221110003/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X3
    09221112083/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X31/2
    09221114063/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X4
    09221115053/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X41/2
    09221118023/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X5
    09221120083/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X51/2
    09221122063/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X6
    09221124043/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X7
    09221126023/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X8
    09221128003/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X9
    09221130063/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X10
    09221132043/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X11
    09221134023/8 Brass Pipe Nipples3/8X12

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