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Tub & Shower Rough-In Valve, Less Stops
**NEW** MODEL: 410V-LS
  • Requires one of the following trims:
        411TO, 411TOLF, 411TO18, 511TO, 511TOLF, 412TO,
        512TO, BR411TOLF, BR511TOLF, EM411TOLF, EM511TOLF
        PR411TO, PR511TO, PV411TO, PV511TO, PV411TOLF, PV511TOLF,
        T411TO, T411TOLF, TC411TOLF, T511TO, T511TOLF, TC511TOLF,
         T711TO,TC511TLSH, TR411TO, TR511TO, TR411TOLF or TR511TOLF
  • Pressure Balance
  • Washerless Cartridge
  • Includes Plaster Guard
  • Order MLCERCART for ceramic disc cartridge upgrade
  • Order LUXCERCART to use with Luxart Carmella/Exchequer trim
  • Optional Extension Kit:
  • GUEXT Extension Kit Adds Additional 1"
    Model NumberDescription
    410V-LSTub & Shower Rough-In Valve Less Stops

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